Stuff many a Spelljammer campaign can do without

Lost Ships (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons/Spelljammer Accessory SJR1) - Ed Greenwood

Well, despite the fact that I do have numerous books to read, and that I do not need to spend my time writing every book or book-like product that I have read, or looked up, I still seem to want to waste my time writing reviews on some of the Dungeons & Dragons products that I have owned. In this instance we have another of the Spelljammer products that I purchased because, well, because in this instance a picture does tell a thousand words:




Anyway, this accessory includes a number of new ships, spells, and other goodies for the Dungeon Master that is having trouble coming up with some new ideas so needs to part with some money to help him figure out the next weekly adventures for a few months, and I guess this little product does help one come up with some ideas, not that you will end up using all of them (or any of them as was the case with myself).

Still, they did give you some new ships, because while the box set (and the other products that came out before Lost Ships) have their fair share of spells, monsters, and spaceships, as a Dungeon Master, you could never have enough content just in case you wanted something different (and just in case you have an annoying player with an eidetic memory that would also purchase all of the products).

Anyway, this was one of the standard ships from the original box set:



Pretty boring if I do say so myself, so we had to have some guy in Lake Geneva in the US, who happens to know a good artist, come up with something a little more interesting, such as this:



Okay, a little interesting, but our artists could never be considered boring, or unartistic, if they came up with pictures (and ships) like this one:


So, while I may not have any of my Spelljammer books anymore, and while I probably do not need to continue to pump up my book (and review) list on Goodreads with these books, sometimes it is fun just to remember back to the good old days of my roleplaying career where we would crowd into a house on a Saturday afternoon and basically be geeks.