A little bird's quest for identity

Are You My Mother? - P.D. Eastman

You can probably tell that I am currently back in Adelaide since a bunch of children's books are now appearing on my read list. As my brother has kept all of the books from our childhood (and since I did read them at the time) I thought it might be good to go through them again and write commentaries on them (as I did the last time I was in Adelaide). Okay it does end up inflating my list of books that I have read, but as I said, I had actually read them, and they are books, so I believe that they are fair game (and I have seen others also post kids books up on Goodreads).

This is the story of a young hatchling going on a quest to find his mother. Basically his mother goes off to get some food, and when he hatches, he ends up falling out of the tree, walks right by his real mother, and ends up going and asking a bunch of other creatures (and machines) whether they are his mother. It is funny (not ha-ha funny) that the first creature he meets is a cat, though I would have expected that a cat (even a kitten) to jump on this bird and attempt to rip his head off. However, this is a children's book (written in 1960) so I suspect that there is a reason why the hero of this story did not die (which would have made a pretty short book, not that it isn't short anyway).

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