Another one of those post-apocalyptic odd-one out stories

Obernewtyn - Isobelle Carmody

I read this book a long time ago when an old friend of mine gave it to me and told me that it is good. She also told me that she had won it in a competition and she was able to chose the prize that she had won so she selected this book because the author had the same name as her (though it was spelt differently). The funny thing is that she has gone on to write sequels to this book, and all I can say was that I did not find this book all that engrossing, even though it was a science-fiction book and I read it during the days I read lots of science-fiction/fantasy. Hey, looking through the list of editions of this book, it has even appeared in the penguin orange cover edition, which suggests that it is a classic (which I must say it is not).

The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world and centres around a woman who has developed psychic powers, but because she is different, she is feared by the so-called normal people and people like her are hunted down and killed. As such she has to keep her powers hidden, though I believe that she also goes on a quest, at the end of which she discovers a cache of nuclear weapons, and comes to the conclusion that it is her goal in life to use her powers to prevent people from using these weapons again and causing the devastation that other people did.


It still baffles me as to why this book has been reprinted in the Penguin orange cover edition because, seriously, the story sounds so much like The Chrysalids (though the ending does not involve nuclear weapons) and the Chrysalids (which has also been reprinted in a Penguin orange cover edition) is so much better and so much more engrossing. Okay, it has been a long time since I have read this book, but still, from what I can remember, I did not think all that much of it, and even though it was fantasy/science-fiction, I still didn't like it.