Has anybody actually read this book?

The Eyes Have It - Rose Estes

Did I ever actually read this book - in fact did anybody actually read this book? I'm not really sure, but then I guess there is a point that a successful writer can get to (and I am not even suggesting that Rose Estes is a successful writer) where they can simply publish books without having to worry whether they will ever actually turn a profit, because they have made so much money from their original successful publications that they can write any old rubbish and still live a comfortable lifestyle. Hey, people might even actually purchase it.

I notice that nobody (at the time of writing) has actually made any comments on this book on Booklikes, so maybe that is because there isn't actually all that much to this book that anybody would want to write. The only thing I see is the little synopsis, namely what is usually written in the back of the book (normally referred to as the blurb) saying that one bid bag nasty threat to the world of Greyhawk has been stopped, but wait, now somebody has stolen a gem, and because somebody has stolen this gem guess what, the World of Greyhawk once again hangs in the balance, and it is up to a couple of no name people to go out and save the world.

Hmm, I wonder if, in 1860, when the future of the United States hung in the balance, as a civil war broke out between the North and the South, there was a small band of brave adventurers that could set out on their quest and single handedly bring both sides to the negotiating table. Or could they have gone over the Richmond Virginia, fought a massive Hollywood battle with General Robert E Lee, and then captured the rogue congress, and save America? Hmm, it did not happen that way did it? (though Abraham Lincoln and his friend did fight an epic battle on a train on the way to Gettysberg with the vampires, which managed to turn the tide of the war, at least according to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter).

I guess that is why they refer these types of stories as pulp novels, namely because the only use they have for them is to throw them back into the vat, pulp them up, and make more paper on which more books can be printed. However the times are actually moving on now with the popularity of the kindle and the pads, where people no longer read books but can just read the stories on their Kindle. Hey, I still like my books, though I must admit that the kindle, and even the pad, are much more convenient. However, as I said, I like my books and am likely to continue to read my books on the train, or wherever else I am able.

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