Another three Forgotten Realms kingdoms

Empires of the Sands - Scott Haring

I some times wonder whether it is actually worth putting pictures in my commentaries because what happens if the link to the picture goes dead? Does it become something like this:




I think it does because one of the problems with Goodreads is that the pictures do not appear on the app on my mobile phone. They just appear as a small box, and I don't think the pictures port across to Facebook either, but then again I really only look on Facebook on my mobile phone, though sometime I will go onto it on my laptop or desktop to upload something. I rarely use Facebook these days anyway. Maybe the Goodreads app you can purchase does allow you to see pictures (and also allow you to like reviews, which is one of the things I don't like about the app because you can't like reviews and I wonder how many people read my commentaries on the app, like it, but can't say they like it because there is no like button, and also I have never paid for an app in my life, though I may be tempted to make an exception for Goodreads).

Well, what about this particular roleplaying product? I guess the fact that I have ranted about Goodreads and pictures and other stuff suggests that there is not really all that much to say about this particular product. I did own it, and I think I may have even flicked through it, and possibly even actually read it, but to be honest with you I can't really say. I am familiar with it though however it is really only about three kingdoms that lie to the south of Waterdeep.

One, Amn, is supposed to be modelled on medieval Spain. Another, Tethyr, is a land which has pretty much collapsed into anarchy (which I sometimes wonder is pretty much most medieval kingdoms outside of the main cities are like) and the third, Calimsham, is sort of a mix between Persia and Turkey. However, they then went on and produced another product, Al Quadim or something or other, which was supposed to be based on ancient Persia so I am now thinking that maybe Calimsham was supposed to be Turkey, minus the Islam (though I find it difficult to imagine a Turkey without Islam just as my disbelief is stretch when we deal with medieval European kingdoms with polytheistic Greco-Romam, or more particularly, Norse, deities).

I suspect that in the end it is simply another one of those T$R money making products that really serve no purpose, and if anybody actually USED this product, I would be very interested in hearing from them (and please, if you worked for T$R and playtested this product, that, in my books, does not count as using it).