A source book about evil elves

The Drow of the Underdark: Forgotten Realms Accessory, 2nd Edition (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) - Ed Greenwood

Another of those obsolete books that I'm only adding and commenting on to push up the number of comments that I have on Goodreads. Okay, I probably have read this book, and I know that I did own it (and probably still do, though it may, if I still own it, be sitting in a crate up at my parents house not gathering dust, namely because the crates are sealed). This is the second of the monster resource books, the first one being the Draconomicon, though I am not sure if they released any more after this one. I do know that when 3rd Edition came along, a whole plethora of books were released, including a book on humanoids was released as a player accessory (actually, they had one for 2nd Edition as well).

I'm not really sure what to make of this book, though I can say that it was written by Ed Greenwood, and seriously I never knew Ed Greenwood looked like this:


Ed Greenwood



Man, it seems like this guy has taken his career as a fantasy writer a little too far. In fact it seems that he is trying, and failing, to grow an Elminster beard because, well, hair only grows so long before it ceases to grow and simply develops split ends. I ought to know because I get my hair cut when, well, I feel like it, but there was a time when I simply did not actually get my hair cut and let it grow as long as I liked (which was a form of rebellion against my school who would penalise you if you had your hair too long).

However I am not going to go down the track of the over strict private school here because this is about a book about drow, and about a writer who seems to want to be a magic user in a fantasy world, but instead is trapped in the real world as a successful writer of fantasy materials. I know what I would prefer to be (a successful writer of fantasy materials, not a magic user in a fantasy world – get off the drugs).

As for the drow, well I have written a lot about the drow elsewhere and really do not need to repeat myself here. As for this book, well I guess it is because drow are really popular (because they are elves and that are, well, incredibly evil) that they produced this book. Mind you, I prefer dragons, but here's a picture of a drow anyway.


Female Drow


Though this is also pretty cool, except that I think that sunglasses underground may be a little redundant.


Drow with sunglasses







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