The Secret Seven explore a castle

Good Old Secret Seven: 12 - Enid Blyton

Well, as soon as I started this book before I knew it I had finished it, which is not surprising since the 120 pages uses large type with decent spacing. Hey, it's a kids book so I was hardly expecting Crime and Punishment (though I would be interesting to see if there is a children's version of that book – with pictures).




Anyway, the Secret Seven get themselves a telescope, and suddenly discover that Suzie and her friend have also been told that they can use it, so after being swayed to let Suzie have access to the secret hideout, they decide to use it to check out a castle that happens to be near the village. Funnily enough this was the first time I realised that there was a castle near the village, and while the image of the castle in my head didn't really look like this:



I did have an image in my head, probably more like this one:

It sort of made me jealous because we don't have any castles here in Australia, though we do have ruins, but our ruins tend to be pretty boring, sort of like this one:



So while it may be a ruin, there is not all that much to explore inside, and even then they tend to be on somebody's property so if you climb the fence and start poking around inside you'll probably find yourself being chased off by a farmer with a gun (yes, farmers actually have guns in Australia, believe it or not – those kangaroos can be real pests).



Anyway, the Secret Seven, discovering that somebody is hiding in the castle decide to go and check it out, and sure enough they are up to no good, so they decide to get to the bottom of it. Mind you, their telescope gets stolen, and destroyed, and they also find themselves locked up, however as I have suggested, it seemed that everything went by so fast that before I knew it I was at the end. Mind you, it can be really annoying when you are sitting at a coffee shop in the morning reading your book and you have to be at work in five minutes yet you have three pages to go.

I decided to finish off those three pages.