Elric meets Moonglum

The Weird of the White Wolf - Michael Moorcock

I know I have read this one because I have pretty much read most of the Elric books (though there is one I believe that I didn't read because it got to the point where I had begun to lose interest in them and had moved on to bigger and better things). This is not one of the best of the Elric books, and in a way, for me at least, it is very forgettable. The reason that I say that is because, well, I have forgotten pretty much what it is about. It does introduce his companion Moonglum, and some have suggested that we can't imagine Elric without him, whereas I simply thought 'oh, I remember him' or more likely 'gee, that name rings a bell'.

What I am doing now, though, is trying to work out what I really want to write about this book because, maybe my brain has frozen now that I have written almost eight hundred commentaries on various books (and actually this would be number 796, so I think I might try and push to 800 by, say Saturday, so I can say that I have written 800 commentaries, and then continue to write commentaries so that maybe, possibly, by the end of the year I can hit 1000, though that is unlikely because it means that I have to read at least 204 books, and that is not going to happen by the end of the year. Anyway, I am coming to the end of the books that I am not really intending to read again and am now only writing commentaries as I read through the books. Well, I can probably do that by reading, and then writing, a commentary on each of the books in my Brother's Little Golden Book collection, and his Doctor Suess collection, because those books can be read in, say, five minutes – okay, that would be cheating, but then again, they are books, and they do deserve to be commented on).

Gee, that was a really long parentheses, but I guess I will bring this to an end now so that I can then move on and write commentary number 797, this time on one of the roleplaying books that I have read quite a long time ago (yeah, I could fill them up with some more roleplaying books, but then my cloud is already over proportioned with books that I really don't want people to think that those is my favourite genre).

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