The Secret Seven build a treehouse

Well Done, Secret Seven (Knight Books) - Enid Blyton

Another short Enid Blyton mystery where the Secret Seven manage to prevent some bad people from ruining somebody's lovely day. However it takes about half of the book for the adventure to start because the first half of the book has them building a tree house because the shed in which they meet in is a little too hot. However, it always makes me cringe when English authors talk about hot days in England because they are pretty much non-existent, in the same ways that cold days are non-existent here in Australia. There was one time, when I was having breakfast in a cafe in Melbourne the day after I had returned from England and somebody was complaining about the cold. I almost jumped up and cried 'Cold! You do not know the definition of the word cold!' Personally, I can never complain about the cold again after what I experienced in London.

Anyway, as they are enjoying themselves in their new tree house, they are approached by a young boy who is in trouble. Being the adventurous types they want to help out and discover that because his mum is sick he has been moved to his uncle's house, and as it turns out his uncle is up to no good (and we know that because he kicked a cat, and anybody who kicks a cat is obviously up to no good).

The problem is that the clues they are offered are rather strange because they were gathered in the middle of the night by a boy who was half asleep. They do try to get their Dad on board, but their Dad, being a much more level headed person, suggests that there may be some untruth in this whole story. However, it would not be an Enid Blyton story if everything turned out to be a lie (hey, that might be a good story: where pretty much everything is a red herring and in the end it turns out that nothing was going to happen after all).

Unfortunately now I have reached the end of my Secret Seven collection (I believe) so I am now going to have to trawl through Ebay to attempt to get my hands on the eleven Secret Seven books that I do not have (there is another that I have, but since I do want to read them in order, I won't be touching that one just yet).

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