Winnie's addiction to honey

Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Tree - A.A. Milne, Golden Press

Well I had a look at the picture on the back of this book which has a train (being pulled by Tootle – I vaguely remember Tootle) and the train had all of these characters that appeared in the Little Golden Books (though Big Bird was a little too big for the train, so he had to walk along beside it). Anyway, the characters come from a whole range of places, including Disney, however the interesting thing that I noticed was that all of the Sesame Street characters were all noted as being owned by Muppets Inc, which I something that I probably did know, though it was most likely buried deep in my brain. Well, now it has been pulled out again, and I have also placed that relatively pointless piece of knowledge up onto the internet (as if it wasn't there already). Anyway, if you are at a trivia night, and the host asks the question 'who owns the characters from Sesame Street,' you can say 'Muppets Inc'.

As for this book, well, I never had much to do with Winnie the Pooh when I was a kid, and I really don't know much about his antics beyond his addiction to honey. In this book he attempts a commando style raid against a beehive to attempt to steal some honey, only to discover that the bees that live in this hive are not honey bees. I wonder if Winnie the Pooh actually has an addiction to honey because he goes to extraordinary lengths to try to get his hands on it, and will risk his life (as he does in this book) to attempt to get some. However, they don't suggest that he suffers from withdraw symptoms when he doesn't get any honey.

I'm not a big fan of honey myself. It is sticky and messy and really doesn't taste all that great. People sometimes ask me if I would like honey in my cup of tea because they don't have any sugar. Personally, I would rather drink the tea without any sugar than with honey because honey simply does not replace sugar. I have tried drinking tea with honey in it before any it does not taste anything like tea with sugar in it. In fact, it doesn't taste all that nice at all. However, that is just my feeling towards honey, and who am I to criticise Winnie for liking honey because he obviously loves honey and will do anything to get his hands on it. I can't think of anything that causes that reaction in me though, and that is probably a good thing.