What a tangled plot is woven

With a Tangled Skein - Piers Anthony

Once again this series seems to be more intriguing that many of Anthony's other books and does show that he has the ability to weave a good story. I may sound corne using the term weave in this context (as I will explain) but while I would hesitate to read it again, I guess my friend was right when he suggested that Anthony had dumped some good series to focus on the Xanth series, which, in my friend's opinion, had become much more depressing after Anthony began to write for a young disabled girl (which is not necessarily a bad thing).

Luna is also the subject of this book, and once again Satan is attempting to thwart her rise to power. This time the book begins in Ireland on the eve of World War I and the main character, Niobe, is saved from being murdered when he takes her place. Niobe is then given the opportunity to join the Fates: three beings in one body. The Fates (and this obviously is borrowed from the Greeks, though the Fates in Greek mythology are a lot nastier) measure and determine each humans life: its length and when it will end. The first Fate creates life, the second Fate makes sure it does not get tangled, and the third decides when it is going to end.

Satan is also back with his devious plans, and this time he attempts to undermine the Fates by placing inexperienced mortals into the role. However Niobe had been a Fate before, so when she is invited she ends up being a thorn in the side of Satan's plans. Further, she turns out to be the mother of Luna, and while she ages as a mortal, when she is an immortal, she ceases to age (though she can disguise herself). Thus the plot enables Niobe to watch Luna as she grows and then goes to take her place in the UN. However Satan is once again attempting to thwart that goal and is making his promises to the powers that be to step down (with an offer of youth) so that his minions can take their place. Needless to say once again his plans are thwarted.

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