An engrossing tale in the Norse tradition

The Elves and the Otterskin - Elizabeth Boyer

There are only a few things that I remember about this book, the first being that it was about a group of inept elves who are given a quest to fill an otterskin full of gold. The catch was that every time you put a gold piece onto the otterskin it would grow, meaning that it was impossible to ever complete the quest. I believe they did manage to do it (because, from what I can remember, the book did have a happy ending) but I cannot remember how (and if I did I would probably have to enclose it in spoilers otherwise I am likely to get into trouble).

The other thing that I remember about this book is that I really enjoyed it. Okay, there are probably a number of other books back then that I also really enjoyed but when I look back upon them I ask the question 'why'. On the other hand I guess with many of the books that I read back I never actually considered them to be any good (not that I was rating books back then, I was just reading them and then moving onto the next one, unless I really liked one of them and then I would make a statement about it to my friends, who would probably ignore me anyway because many of my friends did not actually read).

Remember, though, how I have said elsewhere that there are a number of books that I have read that I cannot remember all that much about. Well, as it turns out, this is not one of those books. Okay, I cannot remember huge details (with the exception of the basic story, and also setting based on Norse Mythology, and the fact that I felt the weight of the character's troubles on my shoulders as I read through it, thus developing a strong emphatic touch with them – something I was not able to do in many of the other novels that I had read at the time) but what I do remember is that I really enjoyed the book. I never was able to bring myself to read any of Boyer's other works though. Maybe it had something to do with this book being so good that I didn't want to spoil the delight by reading another one and not liking it at all.