Another of the many Doctor Who books

Infinite Requiem - Daniel Blythe

This is another one of those New Adventure Doctor Who books that I am definitely sure that I read but cannot remember anything about it. I guess it has a lot to do with the fact that while it was a Doctor Who story, there was nothing about it that stuck in my mind. In fact there are a lot of other books of lesser quality (such as the Dragonlance stories) that I remember more about. I am not sure of this, and maybe it has something to do with me never actually reading this book, but I am sure that I have.

Anyway, this book is set on Earth and a planet in the far future which has been invaded by an alien race that wants a special mineral (sound familiar?). The Doctor arrives on Earth (and Ace has left the series now, though it is funny considering these are books and not a TV show: in the TV show the companion would leave because the actor no longer wanted to play the role, however the series editors could have any number of reasons for getting rid of a character) and encounters an Indian lady who is having a funny pregnancy. Turns out that the baby is human (which is a surprise considering that this is Doctor Who, and a more adult version to boot), but has sbeen born with psychic powers.

That is all I really got out of the synopsis and I really did not want to waste too much time reading through it (these synopsis' can be quite long, and personally, I really do not want to waste too much time reading a synopsis of a book that I have already read, forgotten about, and have no desire to create the time to read it again). As such, I think I will finish the review here.