Another space adventure

Space Patrol - Julius Goodman

Okay, this is the last of the Choose Your Own Adventure books that I am going to offer up a review on simply because I really do not know how many that I have read, and have probably started commenting on books which I haven't actually read. In reality it has been such a long time since I read any of these books, and because these books do not really constitute any essential knowledge that I actually need to retain, I have ended up flushing it out of my mind.

Now, I really don't want to talk about this book but rather about space exploration in an of itself. It is sad that I do not see as much human ingenuity actually going into attempting to establish proper space facilities to enable us to expand out into the solar system and to begin to utilise the resources that are available out there. Okay, I am doubtful that we will be able to find fossil fuels on any of the other planets that we visits, though it is interesting that I read an article about a planet made entirely of diamond (and for those who do not know, diamonds are derivatives of coal). However, there are many other resources, such as iron ore, that are likely to be available out there.

Some suggest problems with water, but as some moon probes have discovered there is actually water on the moon, though there may be difficulties actually extracting it. However, the fact that it is present means that it is not as necessary to transport water from Earth up there. Also, since we do have water recycling technology, this makes it easier to actually create a sustainable habitation up there. As for food, well food has a very good property in being able to multiply exponentially, and even then, we can turn vegetable waste, through composting methods, into good soil that can then be used to grow more food. As well we can also use hydroponic techniques to produce food.

Some might suggest that there are problems with energy supply, well solar power is more than possible, particularly since we don't need to worry about the weather. Also, I would be more inclined to consider nuclear power in space since a nuclear accident on the moon is not likely to be as problematic as it would be on Earth.

However, there is one big problem that needs to be addressed, and that is gravity. The fact that gravity on the moon is much less than on Earth, it means that people who live on the moon are going to have problems when they want to return to Earth. A spacestation would not pose that problem since one can start the station spinning so as to create artificial gravity, but that is not as possible on the moon since the moon's gravity is determined not by centrifical force, but rather by the mass of the object.

However the main problem (much more than the gravity problem) is the economic will power. People simply do not want to invest in things in which it will take a lot of time for the returns to generate. Our capitalist society is more interested in profit than it is in progress. The only reason the Americans ended up with a space program is because the Russians were beating them hands down. The Russians were not constrained by a profit motive which meant that they were able to funnel resources into a space program, which meant that the Americans were forced to do so as well. Maybe we need another superpower to begin doing this again to force the Americans to act (not that the Americans actually have any money).