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The Demon Hand - Rose Estes

I reckon I have read this book namely because it is a book set in the Dungeons and Dragons world of Greyhawk and back in my teenage years I would pretty much read anything that was published under the banner of TSR. I suspect it had something to do with the fact that I could not get enough of roleplaying games and the next best thing to actually playing a game was to read a book that was based upon the game (though there was always computer games, but they were pretty primitive, and expensive, back then). However, I cannot remember anything about this book, which goes to show how much impact it had upon me. In fact I remember more about Old Man and the Sea than I do about half of these fantasy/sci-fi books that I read, and I thought Old Man and the Sea was silly because all it was about was how a man went out in a boat and caught a fish (though I do plan on reading it again when I find it, if only so I can say 'yes, it is about a man who goes fishing').

It seems though that this book says that Rose Estes could actually write more than simple adventure game books, and that people beyond Gary Gygax were allowed to write about the World of Greyhawk. That is quite generous of Gary, since there are people out there (George Lucas) who have such a tight control on their creations that anything that is published has to be okayed by them first. Anyway I suspect that when Gygax left TSR he would have surrendered all of his rights to the World of Greyhawk anyway, simply because TSR (in its various later forms) have continued to produce products set there (though as it turns out, he didn't because they then shifted to The Forgotten Realms). Hey, even Gygax, after leaving TSR, continued to produce works set in this world.