A bestiary of Fighting Fantasy monsters

Fighting fantasy monsters out of the pit - Marc Gascoigne

I'm going to have to admit that I actually read this one from cover to cover (though I cannot say that I read it deeply, rather I only skimmed over each of the entries) and I am wondering whether that is all the book is useful for, at least for me. Granted, it should rate high on the cuteness factor (not that many of the monsters contained herein could be considered cute, unless of course you are the type of person that considers goblins, zombies, and ratmen, to be cute, but that is another story).

Anyway, this book contains a collection of monsters that appeared in the original sixteen or so Fighting Fantasy gamebooks (which included the four Steve Jackson Sorcery books, but did not include any of the science-fiction books or [book:House of Hell]) and put them all in one book with a write-up on each of them. So, the question I thus have asked is what is the purpose of this book. Well, to be honest with you, it beats me, even though I read through it, I probably wouldn't encourage anybody else to do so. Hey, I do have a friend that has bought this book, but I don't think he ever read it, though he does admit that he likes monsters and books about monsters, so he bought this book (and, as I suspect, never read it, but does keep it hidden in a crate in his mother's garage).

Maybe it could be useful if you were actually running a Fighting Fantasy game, and they did end up releasing a series of books in that regard (which I have access to, and may even do a write up on, if I have time that is – to read them that is, not to do a write up because I can always find time to do a write up). So, it is always good to have a collection of monsters that the Gamemaster can use to throw against the players, and as I have suggested there are plenty of monsters in this book for the players to go up against, everything from the mundane, such as a crab (albeit a giant crab):





the common, such as a goblin (or an orc):





the powerful, such as a dragon:




the strange, such as the dog ape and the ape dog:




and the downright ridiculous, such as this:




So, if you have not been convinced by my commentary (not that I am trying to convince you of anything), I have found another guy who openly admits that he read this book from cover to cover, and his adventures in the pages of this ridiculous tome can be found here.


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