Another useless product to add to my RPG collection

Legend of Spelljammer (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Set) - Jeff Grubb

I'm not sure how useful this box set really was, but I do remember when it came out and also scrapping together what meagre money that I had to rush out at purchase it without realising at the time that this was basically going to end up sitting on my self to never be used. Hey, at the time I loved the Spelljammer setting (after getting over my initial shock about it not being a strict science-fiction setting like, say, Doctor Who) and I would pretty much buy anything that was Spelljammer related (though that changed because from what I can remember I didn't end up finishing the Cloakmaster Cycle, and have only rated the first three books in the series), which included this book (or should I say boxed set, though it does contain three books, a map, and I believe some cards). Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if, instead of wasting all of this money, I had invested it. Well, one thing I can certainly say is that my life would probably have been somewhat more boring, and I wouldn't be writing this either.

Anyway, this particular box set deals with the massive living spaceship from which the setting gets its name, and when I say massive, I certainly mean massive. The Spelljammer has a city (or at least a very large fortress) sitting on its back, and the inhabitants have formed into factions that are struggling with each other for control of the ship. In fact every aspect of this ship is described in this box set, which makes one wonder where some of these writers get their ideas. Okay, there was a time when I dreamed of writing roleplaying products, and I still have a plethora of material sitting on a harddrive (and in boxes) that I have written, though there is no logical order to much of it. I would also sit down and draw maps of fantasy worlds (which, in the end, turned out to be little more than random squiggly lines on a piece of paper with more scribbles to indicate mountains, forests, and hills, which in the end really did not take all that much imagination to create). I even tried submitting some of my writings to Dungeon Magazine, but they all ended up getting rejected. Okay, some would suggest that I could have persevered, and but in the end I decided that there were more interesting things that attracted my attention than simply banging on TSR's door asking to be let in.

So, where does it leave this box set. Well, sitting in one of my crates up the back of my parents house, as well as a bunch of unsold listings on ebay where the purchase price seems to be less than US$5.00. So, while it may have caught my eye back in the day when pretty much anything that involved Dungeons and Dragons caught my eye, it seems that these days things have moved on and the days of these 2nd Edition experiments have disappeared into the past, only to be remembered by a bunch of people that have to list everything that have 'read' on Goodreads, as well as those dedicated enough to write a review on them as well.