Let's rewrite the Mongol Invasions so the Europeans win

Crusade (Forgotten Realms: The Empires Trilogy, Book 3) - James Lowder

Well, here I am sitting in a pub at Heathrow Airport waiting for the gate from which my plane leaves is revealed. I am also somewhat tipsy which means that I am probably not in the right frame of mind to actually write a serious commentary (which is why I chose Crusade), and the fact that they do not have smoking rooms makes it even more annoying. Oh well, at least Frankfurt does, but then there is a 12 hour plane flight ahead of me to Hong Kong (which means that I am probably going to fall asleep, though I want to attempt to watch Cloud Atlas again, without spending a bulk of the movie asleep, and then there is the jetlag, which I am not looking forward to – at least I have one night in Hong Kong where I can sleep).

Anyway Crusade is the third, and final (thank God) book in the Empires Trilogy, which attempts to bring the Mongol invasions to the Forgotten Realms, and completely mucks it up. The Mongols (as I have mentioned before) held the largest contiguous land empire that has ever been known, and they were practically unstoppable. The reason that the Middle East is the way we know it today is because of the Mongols. They swarmed down and pretty much destroyed any aspect of technology, and they never recovered (okay, well the Americans also bombed Iraq back into the stone age as well).

From what I remember of this book, the Mongols (or rather the horde) head west to the Forgotten Realms that we all know and hate (well at least me) and the people of the Realms form an alliance to beat back the horde – and win. Now, that is just so out of touch with history that it is not funny because the only reason that the Europeans were not obliterated by the Mongols is because the king died and they all turned around and went back to Mongolia.

Anyway, my plane is probably leaving soon, so I think I will bring this commentary to an end. See you in Hong Kong (or Frankfurt if I have time).

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/577667519