The final book in a shameful series

Feathered Dragon - Douglas Niles

I am not really sure that I can say all that much about this book beyond what the four people who have written reviews on this book have said. It is a shame though because looking at the rating scale on Goodreads it seems that there are a number that actually liked this book, and a few that absolutely hated it, however the people that have commented on it have used the words 'absolute' and 'crap' (and in the same sentence, generally next to each other) to describe this book. In fact they generally don't go all that much further on from that statement because, in their mind, there is nothing much else to say about it.

As for me all I can remember about this book is that at the end the city of the Mazticans (or whatever they are called) is destroyed by some powerful magic and the inhabitants are all turned into orcs and demons, with a Meso-american taste to it. In a way this is probably the only deviation from the actual historical events that this series is very closely following. Fortunately I can't get my hands on this book anymore so I don't need to torture myself into reading it again, not that I would actually do such a shameful thing.

I think I might pay my local second-hand bookstore in Northcote a visit though, just to see what he has available in the rubbish Dungeons & Dragons line, preferably something that I have not yet read. Mind you, I have found one place that does have the Cleric Quintet, which I am tempted to get, though I look at the huge pile of books on my to read list and end up having second thoughts. However it would be interesting to see what is available. I can check my library online though, which is also helpful. In fact, I am becoming to appreciate libraries because I can borrow the book, read it, and return it, without worrying about it cluttering up my space.