The Meso-American Ripoff Continues

Viperhand: Forgotten Realms (Maztica Trilogy, Book 2) - Douglas Niles

There are a couple of things that I have noticed on the page for this book, the first being that there are only two write ups on this novel, one saying that the trilogy should have ended with the first book, and the second saying well, not actually saying anything beyond it being a fantasy version of the fall of the Meso-American world. I do note that the blurb describes this book as being the second novel in a series that brings to life an exotic setting, though to be honest with you, while it may be exotic, it is nothing really all that new, and in fact seems to fall into the same category as you would put the Horselords trilogy: a blatant rip off of an historical event.

However, the reason that I have decided to write on this particular book was because today I went to the Melbourne Museum and saw an exhibition on the Aztecs, which, to be honest with you, was much more interesting than this particular book. For instance, they called themselves Mehicans (or something like that) which makes me wonder where we got the term Aztec from, because Mexico, and Mexican, seems to hark back to those ancient roots. The other thing that I discovered was that their capital city was referred to as 'The Venice of the New World' namely because it was built on a lake and, like Venice, is built on islands with canals and bridges.

A part of me wonders whether there is a lot of criticism against the Spanish for destroying this empire and treating them as barbarians, however I suspect that we all know that these particular people were not all that strong on human rights. For instance they simply loved to sacrifice people (though it was strongly tied into their religion, but despite that, if it was still around today there would be a lot of us decrying the barbarity of the practice), and then there was also the slave owning nature of their society, and their aggressive expansionism. That means that while the Spanish may have come in and pretty much destroyed the culture, I'm sure if the tables were turned, the Aztecs would have done the same to us.