BASIC battle games for your obsolete computer

Computer Battlegames - Daniel Isaamam, Jenny Tyler

I'm not really sure if I can say all that much about this book other than that it is a collection of short computer games written in BASIC with the common theme of war. Mind you, pretty much most computer games that are written are written with the common theme of war, so why they actually called the book 'Computer Battlegames' is sort of beyond me, though I guess it is likely to stand out a bit more than a title along the lines of 'Computer Games' or 'BASIC Computer Games', and by throwing the word 'Battle' into the mix it is likely to attract more attention.


However, not all computer games involve war because there are quite a number of games that would fall into the category of a puzzle, such as this game:


or this game:


which my Facebook feed seems to get flooded with invitations to play, though I generally politely ignore them as opposed to posting status updates such as this:


However, this is not a bitch about Candy Crush Saga but rather a commentary on this little book that at one time when I was a kid I would sit down and type out the games and maybe even play around with them trying to make them do different things. I also noticed that most of the games seem to involve some war between the humans and the URS (United Robot States), so there also seems to be some strange plot running through the book as well. I guess making robots the enemies is probably what one would consider to be politically correct (despite the fact that at the time when this book was written the Russians were the enemies, though that rhetoric only started to get ramped up once Reagan had been elected into office, though it is 1982 which did see the beginnings of Reaganism and Thatcherism, a system of government in which the rich got richer and the poor got screwed, but then again that is another story).