Somewhat forgettable

The Centre of the Circle (Servants of Ark) - Jonathan Wylie

Once again this is a book that I read a long time ago, do not remember all that much about, and have no interest in reading again. Okay, some people probably would suggest that I don't write anything about it then, or even rate it, but then if I have read it I would probably add it, and rate it, and the rating wouldn't change. At least if I write about it I can explain why I gave the rating that I gave it.

Anyway, in response to the above, it almost seems that unless I am a better writer than Wylie then I have no business commenting on any of his books, but I guess those people are just a little upset that I don't like a book that they particularly enjoy. I guess it might be similar to not being allowed to make a comment on this painting:



which happened to be painted by this guy:



and unless you were the guy who painted this painting:



which happens to be this guy:



(I just had to put that particular painting into a commentary), which, in my opinion is ridiculous, they you cannot say anything about it. Mind you, there are other Picasso paintings that I wanted to put up, such as this one: