Little Bear gets a new bike

The Bike Lesson - 'Stan Berenstain',  'Jan Berenstain'

I must admit that when I was a kid I loved the Berenstain bears and from what I can gather from the internet, so did a lot of other people. There has been mentioned that these older books are much better than the newer books, but I personally do not know the difference, maybe because I was not really exposed to the two different books, or maybe I had only ever dined on the classics. This particular book I would have to suggest is a classic.

Papa Bear buys Little Bear a bike and then decides to teach Little Bear how to ride. However it seems (as is generally the case with Papa Bear) that he needs to take more notice of the lessons himself rather than teaching Little Bear these lessons. Though one could also suspect that these are object lessons in what not to do. Poor old Papa Bear just seems to keep on getting into trouble, and Little Bear fortunately is always around (sometimes with a magical length of rope that happened to appear from nowhere) to help his papa out.

In another sense this could be the idea of how we learn from our elders and how not to make the mistakes that they have made. Unfortunately, while that would be a wonderful lesson for us to learn as kids, sometimes we are just unable to actually do that. Sometimes we simply see the actions of our elders as being the right actions because our elders are, well, our elders, and we look up to them and are influenced by them. In other cases, we are so appalled by the actions of our elders that we immediately go off and live our lives the complete opposite of the lives of our elders, which brings with it its own difficulties, and that can be that we are unable to distinguish whether the opposite actions are right or not, or whether those opposite actions create their own problems.

However, this is just a fun book for children where we are given some lessons (though not necessarily serious lessons) that we should consider when riding a bike. While riding down hill at a tremendous speed is fun (and I must say it is really fun because as a kid I used to do that all the time, and in fact remember one particular road, Target Hill Road, near where I grew up, that we would regularly ride down) but can also be really dangerous (though I don't think I ever fell off, except for one time at a BMX track).