Another collection of cool Biggles stories

Biggles & the Pirate Treasure - W.E. Johns

This is another collection of short stories staring the ace World War I pilot in his post World War II role as the head of the Scotland Yard Air Police. Yes, that person is Bigglesworth, otherwise known to his friends, and many adoring readers throughout the western world, as Biggles. However, unlike the other collection of short stories from his Scotland Yard days, these stories seem to be a lot broader in scope and do not seem to be replications of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes short stories where you have a section that introduces the situation, a small piece of action, and then the rest of the story were the protagonist explains how he came to his conclusion.

In this collection of stories, we have Biggles going after some pirate treasure.


He busts open a watch smuggling racket.