Beauty of deceptive on the outside

Lords and Ladies - Terry Pratchett

This book is very, very loosely based upon Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night Dream, and to be honest with you if he had not told me at the beginning of the book and at the end of the book I probably would not have realised it. The reason that I say that is because when I say loosely I mean really loosely. In fact the only thing about the book that seems to be connected to the play is that a group of working class people go a rehearse a play in the woods and get caught up in faerie land. The thing is that Pratchett did not use faeries in the story but rather elves, and I think that is were the problems arise because in the Shakespeare play faeries were used (and they are not very nice people in the play, in the same way that elves are no very nice people in this book), though in essence there is actually little difference between them in mythology (except for maybe their origin – elves come from Scandinavia while faeries come from the bottom of the garden).

Anyway, when we think of elves we usually think of this:



or this:



when in reality they should more look like this: