A Book Full of Magic Items

The Magister - Ed Greenwood

Guess what, when I was trying to locate this book I suddenly stumbled across another AD&D book that I need to add to this, so when I thought that after this one I only had one to do, it turns out that I actually have two to do, so what that means is that I can bump up my books a bit more, though I feel that my game section is way out of balance, suggesting that I prefer books relating to pointless games than real pieces of literature. However, fortunately, I am not the only one of my friends who is throwing books like this into the mix.

This is basically a book of magic items and spells, and I while I have looked through it (though I probably should not say that I have actually read it, but in reality, who really cares), I really cannot remember the finer details. Anyway, this was written for first edition dungeons and dragons, so it pretty much way obsolete, and really only good for collectors, and that is if collectors really want to actually collect them.

Hey, I shouldn't knock it too much because I like books with spells and with magic items, because it allows us to through a multitude of unique things into the average Dungeon and Dragons game. In fact, mages really should have a set of unique and personal spells, and magic items should also be pretty much unique. Not artifact type unique, but with the number of +1 and +2 swords that tend to lie around the average game, one sometimes wonders if there is actually a factory located somewhere that is churning these weapons out in bulk. Actually, in one of my games, one of the players actually did set up a factory to churn out spell scrolls in bulk.

Further, I have come to hate the humble +1 sword because, well, the idea of a +1 sword is purely mechanical. No warrior kills an orc, takes his sword, and says 'gee, this is a +1 sword'. No, he is more likely to say, 'gee, this is a sword of fine quality, it swings well, and it has a sharp blade'. Further, it doesn't actually need to be magical to have a mechanical +1. That is why that is my later games, I pretty much tossed the idea of the +1 sword, and simply referred to them as well made swords.