A brief look at the world of ships

All Kinds of Ships - Seymour Reit

This is one of those books for children (and adults) who like anything and everything to do with boats (or should I say ships). Okay, it doesn't tell you how to build one (though it does suggest that a simple boat consists of a log floating down a river, and you can add to that by either attaching other logs to form a raft, or hollowing out the inside to create a dug out) nor does it give you intricate instructions on how to manipulate the sails of a sail boat, but it does have lots of nice pictures of boats, and also follows the evolution of the boat from the primitive log to the modern supertaker and cargo carrier.

This is what a cargo carrier looks like:




It even has some pictures of military ships such as aircraft carriers. This is what an aircraft carrier looks like:




We also can't forget the humble sailing ship, though I liked the idea of a clipper, which I knew about when I was a child but the realisation of its existence had been pushed back somewhere in my brain only to be brought back to the surface by reading this book and looking at a picture of it. This is what a clipper looks like:




So, if you like ships, then this is a good book to start your investigation into what ships look like, what you can do with them, and how to get rid of them once you have finished with them. Mind you this book doesn't tell you how to scuttle a ship, and neither will I, though I suspect that somebody has written a book called 'Scuttling Ships for Dummies' or 'The Complete Idiots Guide to Scuttling Ships'.

This is a ship sinking:



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