A book about aeroplanes

Airplanes - Ruth Mabee Lachman

Due to the popularity of my commentary on a children's book called Horses (if you consider two likes and a guy at church saying 'I liked your review on the children's book called Horses' popular, but considering that the most votes that I get for one of my commentaries is three, then for me that is popular) I have decided to now write a commentary on a children's book called Airplanes.

The first thing that I noticed about this book is that they spelt the title wrong. It should be spelt 'Aeroplanes' and I noted that one of the people that was in charge of putting these books together had a PhD, so I am wondering how it is that they missed the fact that they misspelt aeroplane. Okay, maybe it is because the Americans spell it differently, but can I not expect that at least somebody spells some word properly (noting that I have yet to discover a word processor that actually realises that the British and Americans spell their words differently).

Anyway, as you can probably tell, this book is about aeroplanes, though it does not go into specific details about the makes and models of various planes, only the general types, such as passenger planes, cargo planes, crop dusting planes, amongst the many others. Each of the planes have a little poem attached to them, though I noted that the author had a little difficulty coming up with a poem centred around retractable landing gear. At least he used the correct phrase, as opposed to another book that I read that did not use the term funicular to describe a funicular train. However I sort of wonder if there is a simpler way to describe retractable landing gear – I can't think of one.

So if you like planes, or if you hate planes, I could say that you would like this book, but when I think about it, if you hate planes then I am sure that you are not going to be interested in this book. However, I wonder how anybody could hate planes, planes are cool, especially if you want to travel overseas because you can do it much faster than say swimming. I think I can understand why some people hate planes, and that is because they probably hate flying, but then again who am I to attempt to speculate about the reasons as to why somebody hates planes or not, that is their choice.

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/766234632