The Guy Who Can't Stand Still

Mr. Rush - Roger Hargreaves

The funny thing is that I can actually relate to Mr Rush – in fact I think we all can. Our lives have become so hectic and cluttered that we simply have no time to actually sit down and enjoy it. Mind you, I was a bit surprised when I discovered that Mr Rush didn't have a job because I thought that one of the reasons that he rushed was because he had way too much to do, and no time to do it all in. I feel like that a lot, especially considering that I have to spend an hour each way on public transport to get to work every morning.



Okay, public transport time can be down time – time where you can't do anything, but have to experience it because we need to get from one spot to another. For many of us it involves sitting in a car, though fortunately for me it involves sitting on a train (or more precisely, being squashed into one of the carriages during peak hour), which means that in the morning I can have a snooze (namely because I end up staying up way too late the night before doing stuff that I want to do as opposed to doing stuff that I have to do, or at least have to do because some mindless entity is paying me money so that they can make more money).


However my down time doesn't actually always end up being as productive as I would really like to be. For instance I am currently sitting on a plane flying over Romania (I know that because there is a screen in front of me with a map on it). Okay the flight was supposed to be a 12 hour flight, but it ended up being a sixteen hour flight because initially the plane took off, flew around in a circle for about two hours, then spent the next hour dumping all of its fuel so that it could land (apparently planes can't land if they are full of fuel). So, that meant sixteen hours down time, but as it turns out planes, especially economy class seats, isn't the best of places to do stuff. Also, it was the 'red-eye' flight, meaning that it was supposed to leave at midnight, so by the time we left at 4:45 am I was pretty exhausted.


Oh, they also have the first six episodes of Game of Thrones Season 6 on the entertainment system, so between dozing off, and watching Game of Thrones, and being way to frazzled to actually do anything, I did manage to write this review. In the end no wonder I can relate to Mr Rush because there are so many things I believe that I need to do, and simply not enough time (or not enough energy) to actually do it. Hopefully though, they will have the rest of the episodes from season six by the time I head home.