An Ancient Enemy Awakes

Thor: God of Thunder Volume 3: The Accursed (Marvel Now) (Thor (Graphic Novels)) - Jason Aaron, Nic Klein, Ron Garney, Salvador Larroca

It had been a while since I had visited a comic book shop, and since one of the things I do, other than reading books and writing reviews on them, is to visit businesses, buy something, and write reviews on them, I decided that it was about time to visit some of the comic book shops scattered about Melbourne. Also, I wanted something short, and engaging, to read on the plane as I made my way across the continents, and a graphic novel certainly does the trick. Mind you, I do have a heap of other books with me as well, which I also plan on reading, so my travels will not be made up of simply reading about the antics of a bunch of superheroes.



Mind you, I have been rewatching the Marvel Cinematic Universe films and also had a sudden urge to rush out and buy some comics based on the characters in the said films, and one of them, obviously, was Thor. It seems as if this series is a newer series though because this is the third graphic novel and I suspect that Thor has been around for a lot longer (the comic book character, not the Norse God) than just three graphic novels, particularly since he is a founding member of the Avengers.



Actually, as I was perusing Wikipedia for information on the Avengers, the comic book ones, not the cinematic ones, I discovered that they didn't just use the Norse Gods in the series because Hercules also happens to be an avenger, and he's Greek (though I haven't seen any Hercules comics around the place, not that I actually go out of my way to look for them). However, the one thing that I can say about this series is that it doesn't seem to be connected with the films, and if it is it is set after the films.



The reason I say this is because Thor, and his buddies, have moved to Midheim, otherwise known as Earth, and Asgardia (not to be confused with the realm of Asgard) happens to be floating over Kansas, the reason being is because Jane happens to live in Kansas, not that she is actually going out with Thor anymore, but they are still friends (not that her new boyfriend is particularly impressed with this).



As for this story I actually quite enjoyed it. It is about how this evil and rather nasty Dark Elf sorcerer escapes from prison and then starts wrecking havoc around the nine realms, mostly destroying his own Dark Elf kin. Thor then teams up with representatives from each of the other realms to defeat him, though there is a rather interesting twist at the end. I actually quite liked Malekith (and those who has een The Dark World would probably be familiar with him), even if it was that he was some nasty Dark Elf sorcerer that is basically out to destroy everybody, even the dark elves. As for Thor, and the setting, it does have quite a fantasy element within it, though the first part really only has Thor running around meeting up with various humans and it isn't until part two that the Malekith plot really starts to fire up.


Being the third in the series I did sort of feel that I jumped into the middle of the story, however I didn't feel that I had actually missed anything by not reading the previous two comics. Certainly having watched the movies did help, but once again it wasn't necessary. I did quite enjoy it, even though it was a comic (and I tend not to get into them too much), but there were aspects that probably suggest it is geared towards at least a more mature audience, though not necessarily one that is over the age of eighteen. Oh, and the artwork is pretty cool as well.