A Squatter's Tale

The Three Bears (Little Golden Book) - Mabel Watts, June Goldsborough

Well, a homeless vagrant is wondering through the woods when she comes across a house where the occupants have left the door open, so she goes inside, helps herself to their food, breaks their chairs, and decides to have a sleep in one of their beds (after helping herself to the owner's jewellery). When the owners finally come home they discover that the vagrant is asleep in one of their beds, flex their muscles and wake her up, at which point she screams, drops all of the jewellery and runs out of the house.


That's right, this book is based on Goldilocks and the Three Bears (I have seen a similar description of Finding Nemo, though I have not actually seen Finding Nemo so I cannot actually comment on the accuracy of that description). I am not sure why it is that Goldilocks and the Three Bears is such a popular story when it is about somebody breaking into somebody else's house, ransacking the place, and basically making herself at home. It is not exactly the type of behaviour that we would like to install into our children.


As for this particular version it gets even worse, ignoring the artwork (which I generally can't comment on because any person with a pencil can draw better than me), the ending is pretty silly as well because when they discover Goldilocks in their bed they decide that they will be all nice and friendly because she is a little girl. Well, if she was a nice and innocent little girl, why did she enter somebody else's house (without permission mind you) and start making herself at home. In our world we call that squatting (as well as trespassing) and that, my friend, is illegal.

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