Short, Sharp, and Pretty Good

Stormbringer - Michael Moorcock

I just browsed through another review of this book and I think that the writer of that review pretty much describes Moorcock's style perfectly. He is an ordinary writer with big vision and is able to tell a story in a short book that can be pretty much read in a day. In fact I am tempted to go down to Northcote and actually try to get my hands on some of the Moorcock books again because of the fact that they tend to be a very short and quick read.


Compare them to say 'Wheel of Time' where the book gets so bogged down into detail that by the time you hit the seventh book (and I think I need to add the seven books of the Wheel of Time up as well, and I think it was seven that I read because by the eighth book I had read at least a third of the book and nothing had happened) pretty much nothing happens for the most part. With Moorcock though, by chapter two you might have already had a city burnt to the ground and demons running around destroying things.


I actually like books that can be read quickly, though on the other hand there are some big books out there that are simply so good that you cannot put it down and in the end you find yourself reading it until you have finished. In fact there are some books that I get so engrossed in that I will literally dawdle home from work, sitting in pubs and drinking beer, simply because the book is so good (though by the time I get home I tend to be plastered).


Moorcock is not the best writer out there, and I must say that I did end up getting bored with some of his Elric books, but when I first discovered him (thankyou Ally, who gave me a copy of a Moorcock book for my birthday) I was instantly hooked. What was interesting though was that my English teacher, who hated us reading what he considered to be airport trash, was happy that I wrote a response to a Moorcock novel (though I am not sure what grade he gave me, and I remember that it involved Elric going mad, killing everybody around him, and then killing himself – no, actually it wasn't Elric it was his sword – Stormbringer is simply one awesome sword, in fact I have never known a sword more awesome than Stormbringer).