Mistaken for a Tennis Ball

Mr. Bounce (Mr. Men and Little Miss Series) - Roger Hargreaves

Here I am sitting at the Victorian/South Australian border uploading a book review to the internet (I didn't write it here, I did that beforehand, I just wanted to upload the book review on the border since we can access the internet almost anywhere these days – well, not 30000 ft in the air, but I did say almost anywhere). Well, I'm on my way back to Melbourne (by car) and while I was in Adelaide I found all of my old Mr Men books sitting in the back shed, so I thought that I might look at them again and write some reviews on them (since they are books, and I have read them – quite a few times in fact – they were some of my favourite books as a child).



So, three minutes after picking this book up I had finished it and was ready to write a review. Well, since it is so short I guess I won't be marking it as one of the books that I have read in 2016 (it would be cheating a bit, though some may argue that it is a book, even if this book consists of a grand total of thirty six pages, of which only half of them actually have words on them – the other half have pictures). Well, to me, reading a book that takes me three minutes to complete, even if it is a book within the general definition, isn't much of a challenge.


For those who don't know the Mr Men books are a collection of children's books that tell stories about rather odd individuals, in this case somebody named Mr Bounce. As you can probably expect Mr Bounce has a problem in that he can't stop bouncing everywhere. In fact he bounces so much he even gets mistaken for a tennis ball (he is also quite small). So he decides to go and see a doctor, but all the doctor can come up with are some heavy boots, which he wears, but these end up causing another problem, but to tell you what it is would be a spoiler.


I guess there isn't much else I can say about this book (or feel that I can say about it) so I guess I will leave it at that. Still, as I mentioned, I loved these books as a kid so expect to see other reviews pop up from time to time.


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1200770.Mr_Bounce