Yep, Just Another Super-Hero Comic

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2: Angela (Marvel Now) - Marvel Comics

Well, here I am in Adelaide, the place where I grew up, and I have to say that the minute I stepped off the Overland (the train that runs between Melbourne and Adelaide) I looked around and started counting down the days until I would be back in Melbourne, Okay, it is not as if Adelaide is a bad place, but after living in Melbourne for three years I have to admit that I so much prefer the city lifestyle than the laidback, country town lifestyle that is Adelaide. Anyway, enough of that because I am supposed to be writing a review of this book (or graphic novel, or comic, to be precise).



I noticed that this graphic novel (for want of a better descriptor) was a New York Times best seller. Since I don't actually read the New York Times I actually have no idea what constitutes a best seller, but then again if it is based upon the number of books sold over a certain period then I guess it really means little. People will by any old rubbish, and if it was released at the same time that the movie was released (which I suspect was the case) then I'm not at all surprised that it actually hit the best seller list. I have to admit that I purchased this comic purely on the fact that I saw, and quite enjoyed, the movie. However, as you have probably worked out (especially if you have been following my reviews) that I'm not a big fan of graphic novels.


So, why do I go out of my way to buy them? Well, the first thing is that when I watch one of the movies I end up wanting to grab one of the comics that the movie is based upon to see the difference (and I am usually sorely disappointed). Another reason is so I can comment on the movie on Booklikes (though since this movie was released in 2014, and it has taken me this long to get around to reading the second Guardians of the Galaxy comic, I won't be doing it here - and yes, I do have a Star Wars comic ready for when I see the movie, however I have come to realise that there is a massive no spoilers movement on the internet, which means that even if I do read the comic after I have seen the movie I can't actually say anything about the movie – though a friend of mine may have spoilt it a bit with a single comment that he made). Finally, I also go around reviewing business and since everybody does pubs and restaurants, I decided I would add comic book and gaming stores, and if I'm going to review some place I have to buy something (and it just add's to my geeky avatar on the internet).



I can't say all that much about this comic because all I have to say that it didn't impress me all that much (there is just something comics cannot replicate from a movie, even though the movies tend to be based on the comics, and I am sure die hard comic fans think that the movie has butchered the comic). However it does continue on from the first comic (not that I can remember all that much about it), and we have Peter Quinn and Ironman saving Earth from an Alien Invasion. Actually, this invasion comes about because the people of Earth are really, really dangerous, and have caused a rift in time. This rift has brought somebody, Angela, through who looks like will become one of the Guardians. Apparently she is from heaven, however the alien invasion is lead by Thanos, who no doubt is a personification of death, so what we have is a fight between heaven and hell, with the Guardians caught in the middle.


I won't say all that much more about it because, well, there isn't all that much to say. Sure, I liked the movie, and do look forward to the new movie that is coming out (in 2016 I believe, though I could be very, very wrong – nope, I just checked out IMDB and it is 2017, plot unknown). No doubt I will end up going to see this film, and no doubt I will grab another Guardians of the Galaxy comic, but then again I have a third one sitting on my too read list (though this one is called Starlord, so it is no strickly Guardians of the Galaxy) which I will get around to reading sooner or later (no doubt before 2017).