The Front Lines and Jaerel's Homeworld

Days of Fear, Nights of Anger - John Jackson Miller, Brian Ching, Dustin Weaver

I think I will put the spoiler alert tag on this commentary simply because I really cannot say much about this graphic novel without talking about what is going on and how the plot is developing. Hopefully the commentaries on the first two novels of this series has given potential readers an appetite to read these novels (if they are willing to fork out the money for them) though I suspect that most hard core Star Wars fans who don't mind reading comic books have probably already read them and own them. Me, I own the whole series simply because it is difficult to get one's hands on a copy other than purchasing them from overseas, first of all because here in Australia they are practically double the price, and also not all of them are available in the local comic shop.


This novel is divided into two sections and I notice that this is the way that the series progresses for a while, though the second section ends in a cliff hanger. The book begins with Zane, Gryph, Jaerel, and Camper heading their separate ways. Jaerel and Camper go off back into hiding, fleeing from the as yet unknown organisation seeking them out, and Zane and Gryph go off intending to clear their names, but then settling down to a life a crime. As Gryph says at the beginning, he doesn't care whether he is wanted or not, and in fact prefers to be wanted because he is a criminal and a criminal that is wanted is a criminal that has succeeded (though somebody should remind him that a criminal that has been caught is a criminal that has failed). Anyway, as far as he is concerned, nobody will recognise him because everybody of his race looks alike.


Anyway, after they manage to acquire a ship they discover that it is actually a mess ship and is compelled to join an armada that is going out to meet the Mandalorian invasion fleet. The fleet has broken through the front line and is now invading the Old Republic planet by planet. Upon arriving at the base, Gryph suddenly discovers that there is a lot of money to be made feeding troops, but ends up becoming so caught up in making a profit that it appears that he is too late when the Mandalorians arrive. Zane, meanwhile, has a vision of the planet being destroyed by the Mandalorians, and attempts to warn the Republic Admiral, only to be arrested and locked up.


The second part of the novel goes back to Jaeral and Camper where we discover that Camper has fallen seriously ill and Jaeral is forced to return to her home planet (or actually go to her home planet of Arkadia for the first time) to attempt to seek medical help. Here we learn a lot about the Arkadians, namely that they are a race that excels in biological and genetic sciences, and that the race is divided into the purebloods and off shoots. The difference is that the off shoots are clones, but the clones that have not developed all that well as while they may be smarter and stronger, what they make up in those areas they lose in their immune system, meaning that they are much more prone to diseases. We also discover who are after Camper and Jaerel and what they are up to.


I have been thinking a bit about the idea of cloning recently, namely because of the Ancient Mesopotamian texts that I have read. Some people believe that we are clones that were created by a race of aliens, and I suspect they point to the Mesopotamian texts as evidence of this. While it is feasible, I must suggest that if we were created in a cloning vat then our creators are incredibly skilled scientifically and technologically. The main reason goes beyond the simple beauty of the human body to its functionality. Consider our ability to be able to reproduce. While it is argued that it is possible for a clone to reproduce, we are generally talking about creatures already in existence, however when we are looking at the creation of a new entity then creating the ability to reproduce would be quite difficult. In any case, I am not a biologist or a geneticist and as such really have no knowledge of the subject. Further, it should be noted that Dolly was the only successful attempt out of over 200 attempts at creating a clone.


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