A Spinoff from a Computer Game

Commencement - John Jackson Miller, Travis Charest, Michael Atiyeh, Brian Ching, Travel Foreman

I am not a big fan of comic books and other than Tintin and Asterix I was never really able to get into them. I have bought a couple of graphic novels, and suspect that I will get some more (such as a couple of the Spiderman ones) but as mentioned I was never really a fan of comic books and would rarely buy any. I did buy some of the Dungeons and Dragons ones that came out a long time ago, but that had more to do with me wanting anything to do with Dungeons and Dragons than any particular love for comic books.



This story takes place 4000 years prior to the Star Wars movies and is set in the same setting as the computer game Knights of the Old Republic. In regards to Star Wars I am not going to use the words cannonical or non-cannonical as I have heard rumours that George Lucas, who holds the rights to the Star Wars universe, will only allow things to be published that he considers to be cannonical. I do like that idea because it creates consistency throughout the stories, however this is not too difficult with Star Wars as the movies are only set during a short period. However, there are gaps between the movies, and they are usually filled up with other stories. We should also note that there is a comic book series set during the clone wars, and there are also two TV series set during this period as well, and I suspect that there will be some conflict between them.



During this period the Old Republic had recently beaten off an assault by the Sith and are currently at war with the Mandalorians (Bobba Fett is a Mandalorian for those who do not know, and yes, they always are seen in their armour). There is a dispute among the Jedi council as to whether they should help with the war with some indicating that it is their duty to do so while others believe that their duty is to maintain order in the Republic and to fight of any renewed Sith offensive.



The story focuses on the young Padawan Zane Carrick who is accused of murdering his fellow Padawans, though his investigations discovered that he was not the murderer but rather his masters who had a vision that one of them would become Sith and kill them all, so they decided to act pre-emptively. I found that to be quite at odds with the Jedi that I know from the movies. I could never picture somebody like Yoda making such a decision based upon a vision, and a vision that needs to be interpreted in one way or another. This comic begins with Zane stumbling on the murder, and ends with him escaping from their clutches (again) and the Jedi being recalled to Coruscant.


One other thing that I noticed was that over the intervening 4000 years there appears to be little change in the galaxy as a whole. In the Star Wars universe there seems to be no scope of technological development. It appears that they have developed the pinnacle of technology, though from also reading the books there does not necessarily seem to be scope for mental advancement either. The Jedi are a religious order that worships an idea called the force, however it is not God and there seems to be no scope for a god. Despite being a great distance from our understanding, it is an indication that even by scrapping God for an impersonal force does not necessarily make the universe a better place to live.


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