Handsome Princes and Castles in the Sky

Walt Disney's Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs - Ken O'Brien, Al Dempster

These days when we think of Snow White we probably think of her:


Snow White and the Huntsman


Though this is how many of us probably remember her:


Disney Snow White


As for me, I would probably have to relate to the second one, though whenever I see it I generally roll my eyes and groan (though when I was at Disneyland a couple of years ago I did notice that there were a number of princesses, and I even tried to guess who they were).



This book is an adaptation of the Disney Movie of the same name, which in turn is an adaptation of one of the Grimm Brothers fairy tales. Personally I would like to actually read the original fairy tale than the Disney book about princes and castles in the sky (seriously, a prince comes along and takes Snow White away to his castle in the sky – which may have had a different meaning back then, but for some reason I doubt it).


As for this book I felt that they were trying to squeeze too much into too short a book and as such I found that the book seems to jump somewhat at the end. Basically she is suddenly approached by the wicked queen (who just happens to fall into a chasm and die), falls asleep, and then, out of the blue, her darling prince comes along and rescues here.


However, this could be an analogy for a much for sinister and sad ending (and we can't have sad endings in a modern children's story, can we). Maybe what really happened is that Snow White never woke up, and the prince is actually her angel taking her up to heaven, which is her castle in the clouds. I doubt many people would actually see it that way, but as it happens, I do.


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