Time for some Hard Core Adventuring

Slaves Of The Abyss - Paul Mason, Steve Williams

You are a great adventurer and happen to be in a city when rumours of an army advancing from the east reach your ears. Since the city's own army (not that it will do any good in this situation) is elsewhere, you and a bunch of other adventurers are all called together to help. You are then given three choices, stay behind and defend the city (bad choice as you quickly become a corpse), head north to bring back the army (bad choice because you miss out on some important items), or head east to scout out the army (the good choice, but if you head north you end up having to go east anyway, and since you are given necessary items by going east, you might as well do this - anyway, you are the hard core adventurer so you might as well do the hard core stuff).



This adventure has brought the gamebooks back up a notch, since while it is not easy, you at least have a chance of making it through and not getting lost in a myriad of mazes. It is also easier to work out the correct choices (such as doing the hard core thing of going east) rather than having to constantly guess. There is a maze in this book, but fortunately it is only small, and it doesn't drain any of your time.



Oh, yes, there is that thing about time. You only have a certain amount of time in which to complete the adventure. Fortunately I finished it with bucket loads of time left so I don't know what happens if you run out, or get close to running out, though I must say that I probably missed a couple of things by trying to save time. Yes, I do cheat, but that is because I am trying to review these books and working out which ones I would like to waste a lot more time on (though some of the badder ones I would probably like to go through again with pencil and dice, as well as some form of strange map, if it is possible to make one with some of these books).


I guess if I were to give you some hints, I will suggest that you need to locate the reaver's bottle, and also the wound that changes colour (those are the two that I didn't find as I explored this book, but I stumbled across the other things). Some have suggested that it is 'guess the right item' to be able to pass something a few paragraphs on, but I didn't find it like that, but at least it is not like Crypt of the Sorcerer in which you have to collect tonnes of items and hope you haven't missed any when you get to the end. Oh, and the time is only relevant for a part of the book, and I managed to get through the time part with plenty of left, so I didn't need to worry about hurrying all that much.


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