The New Kid in the Yard

Roundabout Train - Betty Ren Wright, Charles Clement

This is a cute little book about how easy it is to throw off the arrogant new kid on the book. Roundabout Train uses the setting of a railyard to teach us a lesson about entering a new social group, such as a school or a workplace. Basically the rail yard is full of the old regulars, namely steam trains and some old diesel trains. Then one day a brand new, state of the art, diesel train comes along, and he is so up himself that he does not see the need to say hello, or even acknowledge the existence of the other trains.



However, there is one thing that this diesel train does not know, and that is his way around, so when he is given to job to haul the longest load of carriages, he has no idea how to get out, so the oldest steam train plays a joke on him by telling him to go in the wrong direction, and as such he ends up going around the mountain. He then comes across a caboose and, in his arrogance, believes that it is another train, and demands that it move out of his way. However, like a dog chasing his tail, he sees it, runs faster to catch up with it, but it is always out of his reach.


I guess this is an object lesson for those of us who believe that we are just simply too good for those around us. It does not matter how smart or capable we are, there is always things that we cannot do and do not know, and in making it appear that we are so wonderful and excellent, there is always the chance of us landing up with egg on our face, as what happened to the brand new, state of the art, diesel train.


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/767861176