Another sexual sci-fi adventure

Robot Adept - Piers Anthony

This looks like it is the fifth book in the series, so I guess I am looking at it before the forth book, which isn't a bad thing because as soon as the reviews are done and posted it will not really look all that out of place (with the exception of this little introduction). I did enjoy the first three books, but I really cannot remember reading these books (though I suspect I did). I really did warm to Stile and Sheen (who was a feminine robot that one could have sex with) and wanted to continue their adventures, however by this time Anthony had moved in a new direction.



I do not think these novels are meant for young adults because it is clear that by this time (and it is also very, very clear in Bio of a Space Tyrant) that Piers Anthony is simply obsessed with sex. Okay, granted, he lived through the sexual revolution, but it seems that he had completely missed the point of the revolution. The sexual revolution was all about freeing ourselves of the tyranny of society, and more so freeing women from the tyranny of marriage. By taking sex out of marriage it does destroy the institution of marriage to an extent. My argument (and I know many will disagree with me) is that the institution of marriage had already been destroyed. The reason I say that is because it had become a method to enslave women, and in many ways it is still used as such by certain communities today (and it is that aspect of marriage that repulses me).



Many of the socialist writers have flagged the concept of marriage as being a modern form of slavery. It is not that the male is enslaved but rather the female. That began to change with the women's rights movement in the early 20th century, and then pretty much broke away with the sexual revolution in the 1960s. The question that was asked was 'why do we have to wait for marriage to have sex?' The simple answer was 'because the Bible says so.' Does it? I could quite easily argue that it does not (though I tend to prefer the late John Stott's explanation that it does). However, the response to that was clearly 'I'm not a Christian so why should I listen to the Bible?' This was not a new thing.


Now, I could go on about marriage and sexuality, but I will not and instead turn to Anthony's corruption of the sexual revolution. It is clear from his writings that Anthony holds a very sexist world view. His male characters are so sexually appealing to women that the women fall over themselves to have sex with them. It almost seems as if his characters are some sort of sex-gods. To me it suggests a lot of sexual frustration in Anthony's life, and maybe it is some regret that he did not have as much sex with different people as he would have liked. I have been down that road, and written stories in a similar vein, however I always try to be a little more realistic about it. As for Anthony, I really do question what he is writing here, it is clearly not erotic, but more science-fiction pornography.