Elric's Returns are Diminishing

The Revenge of the Rose - MICHAEL MOORCOCK

Back in the days when I was going out of my way to get as many Elric books as possible, I had little idea that there were the classic (or original) Elric books and then there were the ones that Morcock ended up writing later because of the popularity of the originals. As is generally the case, when one revisits a classic series to attempt to capitalise on it (though in many cases there is usually some form of reader demand as well) the quality of the story tends to drop. It is what I call the Law of Diminishing Returns – the more you do something the less enjoyable it becomes.



Take dating sites for instance. I know this has nothing to do with this book, and really, there is little that I can actually write about this book with the exception of having read it and that it was, well, pretty ordinary (it simply did not have the zest of the earlier Elric books) so I feel I should outline my Law of Diminishing Returns a bit more. Okay, the Law of Diminishing Returns is an law of economics (and one sometimes wonders if such a speculative 'science' can really have any laws, but then again economics is based upon the concept of scarcity of resources) and yes, my interpretation of the law does have connections with the economic law, but then I tend to bring it out into the social sphere as well because I believe that it also applies here.



Anyway dating sites: I have used dating sites, and in a sense I like them (depending on the site that is, and I am not talking about the ones where you simply go on line to get sex, you know, like Adult Friend Finder – I will not actually write the web address because Goodreads has a habit of actually creating a link, and if you really want to find it I am sure you can find it without me having to create a link) because it is actually a lot easier to approach somebody on the internet than at, say, a pub. However, what I have also discovered is that when you first put your profile up there you get lots of hits (or at least I do) but as time moves on the hits get less and less. The same with the responses (and yes, I have got responses) – at first you get a few, but over time they get less. Further, when I first start playing around with it it is a lot of fun, but after a while it simply gets boring and tedious.


However, that is when my second law comes in: the Law of Averages (not that there is any hierarchy to these laws, and if there was, I would put the Law of Averages first) and that is that the more you do something, the more likely you are to get the result that you want. The difference is that the Law of Averages requires persistence, and that is something that not may of us have. That means that when the Law of Diminishing Returns starts to take effect, one will then need to take into account the Law of Averages and start putting more effort into achieving your goal, because what is happening is that the honeymoon is now over and the period of work is about to begin. As they say (I don't know who exactly, and I am not sure if 'they', whoever they are, actually said it) it is a much better feeling to achieve something after you have worked for it than to have it handed to you on a silver plater (or something like that).


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