A pretty cool birthday present

The Queen of the Swords - Michael Moorcock

This was basically the first Moorcock book that I ever read and it was given to me by a beautiful woman for my twenty second birthday. I am not sure if it really was a birthday present or if she realised that I liked these types of books and wanted to get rid of a bunch of them that were sitting on her bookshelf, but in a way the timing was perfect. The only problem with this girl was that she had a boyfriend (though the suggestion that was made was that she had become board with him, and that when she met me she decided that she wanted somebody a lot better, like, well, me. I didn't buy it though, because even though I may have seemed wonderful at the time, that wouldn't have lasted, and I have always made it a policy that I don't cut somebody else's lunch, even if they strip in front of me, which has happened on one occasion).


Anyway, enough bragging about my former life and more about what I thought about the book. As I said this was the first Moorcock book that I read and I loved it, probably because it had lots of battles between massive armies in some wonderful fantasy world. Personally, that is all that I can remember about the book, and that was all that really attracted me about the book as well. I never read the first one, and I wasn't all that impressed with the third one, so I guess I can say that this is one of those rare books that, while forming a part of a trilogy (and I suspect was written as part of a trilogy) you don't need to read the other ones to actually enjoy this book (which is something that I did).


As for the books that were given to me for my birthday, most of them ended up being parts of series and most of them, as far as I know, ended up not getting read. There are still some here, including one on dragons and a big and beautiful book on mythology, which I still have and I really should drag out one day and read, though it is not one of those read on the train type of books.


This birthday though was a pretty good birthday because my twenty first birthday was absolutely shocking. The only good thing about it was that some guy, when he found out it was my birthday, gave me some marijuana (and it was pretty bad stuff at that). So much for a wonderful twenty first birthday – it didn't happen for me. However, that was made up by my twenty fifth birthday when all my friends came around and gave me a twenty first birthday party. Also this birthday turned out to be full of surprises, and for a person that feels that he had been cursed not to be surprised because he opened his Christmas presents before Christmas to see what he got (when I was a kid), this was a pretty enjoyable day.


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