I'd rather write about lemon juice

Master Wolf (Greyhawk Adventures, Book 3) - Rose Estes

Well, here is another of those books about some barbarian that does barbarian type things. What does a barbarian do? Read Conan the Barbarian and you will find out (and make sure they are the original stories, not the stories that were butchered by DeCamp and Carter). What about the real world, what did barbarians do in the real world? Well, to put it bluntly, nothing all that much different from anybody else. Basically the word barbarian comes from the ancient Greek word Barbaros which pretty much means 'not Greek'. Did they run around in skins, live in tribes, and pretty much do what Conan does? Well, some of them did, but others of them (such as the Persians, which were the atypical barbarians) were actually quite civilised.


About this book, which I have nothing really to write about this book so I think I might write about lemon juice instead. I like lemon juice, so I think you might get more out of reading about lemon juice than you will get from this book.


Lemon Juice




Anyway, Lemon juice is made from the juice of lemons (or it is supposed to be). Okay, a lot of the stuff these days is made from concentrate, which is lemon juice that is highly processed, but if you add water you get lemon juice (or lemon cordial at least, and I don't count that as lemon juice). The best lemon juice you can get is the lemon juice you make yourself, if you are lucky enough to have a lemon tree. I had one once and I would make lemon juice from it, but I would add a lot of sugar because while I like tangy lemon juice I also like it to be sweet as well. I also tend to make it with about two thirds water, but also I keep a lot of the floaties inside (I think it makes the lemon juice better) but you probably should remove the pips (you don't want a lemon tree growing in your tummy, do you?).



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