A dictionary for kids

Little Golden Picture Dictionary - Nancy Fielding Hulick, Tibor Gergely

I'm not sure if anybody has put a dictionary (or a set of encyclopaedias) up as a book that they have read (and even rated it) but I am sure that I am not the first to do so. Actually, I just did a search for the Oxford English Dictionary and noted that there are 72 people who added it (though this is the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary) and even a couple of comments (one of them calling it 'The Worst Novel Ever'). Well, I'm not sure if you can call this a dictionary that is in league with the Oxford English Dictionary (or its poorer cousins such as the Webster's Dictionary or the Macquarie Dictionary) but it is still a dictionary and what makes it better is that it has pictures.


So, this dictionary will have a word like 'Geek', and then a picture like this:


Leonard Hoffsteder


and then a little definition along the lines of 'Geeks are cool' (no, this book does not contain the word Geek, so don't go an buy it just because you think that a dictionary for children defines the word geek – on that point, it could also have the word 'Tool' with this picture:


Tony Abbott


with the definition 'not a tool because tools are useful').


I guess this book though does have its benefits because it helps kids connect words with pictures of the words, and unlike the pictures that I have put above, which could be confusing for children (especially if they end up connecting the word tool to the current prime minister) these pictures are actually quite useful.


I noticed that there appears to be an Australian slant to the version that I have which makes me wonder if this book was written for Australians, or whether it was written in Australia (it contains the word Australia, the picture of the flag is an Australian flag, and it also defines kangaroo). I'm not sure and I am not going to speculate either. Instead, here's a picture of a tiger:


Tiger Woods


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/768479833