This was just plain silly

Legend of the Shadow Warriors - Stephen Hand

This gamebook didn't really do it for me, but that is probably because a lot of them are starting to sound the same. Basically you are a mercenary who fought in the wars, but after the war was over you didn't want to settle down (which is not surprising since soldiers generally do not integrate back into civilian life all that well) so you decided to continue travelling the land selling your sword for money (which seems to be what is happening today, but then soldiers, and mercenaries, generally do not have a very long shelf life, or even a life for that matter). Anyway, you find yourself back in the major city and are approached by some peasants who tell you that their village is being tormented by the Shadow Warriors. After holding back your laughter, you decide to help them, but before you can meet up with them you run into the local tax collector who informs you that you not only have to pay your back taxes, but all the interest that has accrued with it.


After kicking him where it hurts (in the knee) you then run off, escape the city (though I got a pardon because I uncovered a conspiracy to overthrow he king) you set off on the journey to the village only to discover that not only are the Shadow Warriors are real, but they have killed off all of your travelling companions as well (after they stab you in the leg just to make sure you are dead – which is pretty silly since most people, to make sure you are dead, generally stab you in a much more vital part of your body).


As you can tell I thought this book was a little silly. Hey, even the monster names were becoming quite silly, such as the Whampyre, which was somebody that is supposed to be a vampire, but the author didn't want to use the name vampire, so decided to come up with something that was like a thousand times cornier. There is also a travelling circus that kidnaps people and replaces them with duplicates who, from what I gathered, were made out of vegetables.


I managed to get through this one the second time and yes I did cheat a bit (actually a lot because I didn't use dice and just assumed that I made all of my tests and won all of my combats). There is a part where you have to work out a code, but that was the reason I couldn't complete it the first time because I wanted to find out where the code key was located rather than just simply turning to the paragraph that I knew contained the code key. Anyway, if you want a gamebook with humour don't try this one because if it is supposed to be funny, it failed abysmally. I would probably recommend Grailquest which, I hope, I can actually get to sooner rather than later (I still have to finish all of these books first, plus the new ones that have been released since).