A warning for cat owners

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting To Kill You - Matthew Inman


Gee, I have read an awful lot of books that begin with 'H' and the reason that I know this is because I write all of my commentaries on a word document before uploading them to Booklikes. I don't do it to edit them or make sure that they are fit for publishing, simply because I know that there are lots and lots of grammatical and spelling typos in my commentaries (though I am currently going through them again to fix them up). Rather, I simply write them on a word document to basically have them all the one place, and to have a backup just in case Booklikes vanishes forever (or simply start removing random reviews).


Anyway, this book is about cats and anybody who knows and loves cats will appreciate this book because it is clear that the author knows and loves cats, even if it is only for their flaws and their particular personality traits. To be honest, if there is one animal out there that has some outlandish personality traits it is the common house cat. Anybody who has owned a dog and a cat (though you don't ever actually own a cat) knows that the saying 'dogs have masters, cats have staff' is truer than many suspect.


This book is basically a collection of cartoons about cats, and those who appreciate cats and the fact that they simply do not give a shit about anything other than themselves will appreciate this book. Mind you, I thought the part of the book where we have two cats working for a corporation, and being, well, basically cats, was actually quite clever, especially when they decided that it would be a good idea to sack the CEO.


Me, I'm a cat person, and it is not just their sadistic and self-centred personality that attracts me. Dogs are incredibly self-centred because they simply want attention all of the time. In fact, having a dog around can be a real pain in the neck because they just do not know how to exist without you. Cats: I like cats because not only are they cute and cuddly, they can also pretty much tear you a new one (and I have had scars to prove it). However, the thing that I like the most about cats is that they are independent. All you have to do is to leave a bowl of food out for them, and make sure their kitty litter is clean, and they basically look after themselves.


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