A healthy dose of mountain air

Heidi - Johanna Spyri, Golden Books, Janet Smally

This is an adaptation of another, longer, children's book of the same name, one that I really have had no interest in reading. Even after reading this shortened version of it still have no interest in it. I suspect that this particular book is a girl's book in the same way that Biggles is written mainly for boys.


The story is about a girl, ironically named Heidi, who lives in the Swiss Alps. One day she is sent off to Frankfurt to go to school but she hates Frankfurt because it is a big city and she prefers the quite country and mountain air. In Frankfurt she meets a young lady named Clara who is very sick. In the end she is sent home, but she asks that Clara comes and visits her, which she does, and after spending four weeks in the Swiss Alps she is miraculously cured – end of story.


Okay, the book makes the cure appear to be miraculous, but the suggestion is that all Clara needed was a nice dose of Swiss Alpine air, and some good Swiss Alpine food, to strengthen her and make her healthier. There is probably some truth behind that, though since I am not a doctor and have no knowledge of how to diagnose an illness (despite the fact that we are not given any symptoms) or whether cool, fresh, mountain air can actually heal people. Anyway, that aside, there are lots of books out there that I would like to read, and to be honest with you, the original of this one is basically not one of them.


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/766839497