Set in a desert

The Halfling's Gem (Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale, #3; Legend of Drizzt, #6) - R.A. Salvatore

Hmm, the third and final book in the rather aptly misnamed Icewind Dale Trilogy. I have noted that the series did have a name change and it is now known as the Legend of Drizzt series, though this book is still considered to be a part of the original trilogy. In a way the Legend of Drizzt series seems to be a little like the Star Wars series. It starts off as a trilogy and then they write three prequels, which I believe they have also done with Lord of the Rings. I have read all of them, but this is the book that I am going to worry about at the moment.



Basically, this book as nothing to do with Icewind Dale, and the so called change of scenery is as far from such as setting as possible: some Arabian type kingdom in a rather hot and dry climate (in fact, it is set in a desert). Maybe when they realised that they weren't going to set this book in the Icewind Dale they could have called the series something else, or they could have had a epilogue where they all returned to Icewind Dale after their adventures and all is well again.



I remember, and have been reminded, that the main antagonist in this book is a highly skilled assassin named Artemis Emritis (and I believe that he appears elsewhere in some of the Realms products as well) and he kidnaps a halfling that happens to be a friend of Drizzt. Only Drizzt and Wulfgar go on this adventure because Brunor is too busy back at Mithril Hall cleaning up after getting rid of all the demons that used to inhabit the place. Apparently there is also a really cool fight between the master assassin and the rather cold and mysterious Drizzt (who seems to be like some lone gunslinger that has no friends or family, though I would hardly call him an anti-hero … no he does have friends, just no family because they are all Dark Elves and are evil and psychotic scum that Drizzt rejected).


Is there anything else I can say about this book? Hmm, probably not. Look, it is not a bad book, but it is not really a work of literature either. It is simply your standard, typical, everyday Dungeons and Dragons promo book that just happens to have Drizzt going around killing people with his two scimitars, but not reminding people of how hard core he is because he is just too humble and unassuming (and also pretty much feared and loathed by most of the ignorant people of the Forgotten Realms).