A glossy travel brochure

Greece: History, Archaeology, Greece Today - Despina Tsakiri


The annoying thing about writing all of my commentaries out on a word document before I post them up onto Booklikes is that as I try to find the spot where I put the commentary for a particular book I end up seeing other commentaries that I have written and stop to read them, which means it takes longer for me to reach the stop where I am actually going to write the commentary of the book on which I originally wanted to write a commentary. Well, I'm here now so I guess I might say a few things about this book.



This is one of those glossy books that you buy when you are visiting some historically significant place, though the historical significant place that I was visiting at the time I purchased this book was Greece. Granted, you can't get any more historically significant than Greece (actually some people will dispute me on that point and mention places like Rome or Jerusalem, but I've been to Rome and I so much prefer Greece, even if it is only for the beaches, not that I actually spent all that much time on a beach when I was in Greece, I spent more time exploring the ruins and standing on a street in a Peloponesian town screaming out 'this is Sparta!').


I don't know how much I paid for this book, or where I bought it, but it was probably from one of the many souvenir stalls that you see scattered around the country. The book itself has some extraordinary pictures in it, but the writing is pretty much rubbish. In a way it is only a small commentary on certain places around Greece, and they don't tell you all that much about the places anyway. I found the Lonely Planet Guide to be much more informative, though the glossy pictures in this book were much better than the ones you get in the Lonely Planet guide.


Oh, the other thing about this book that was shocking was the editing. It simply did not look like anybody actually looked through the final version before printing masses of copies and putting them on display. Actually, maybe they did, and maybe they even noticed the mistakes, but decided not to do anything about it because, well, people where probably only going to look at the pictures. Oh, it is also quite clear that is it written by a Greek because they tell us how much of a wonderful place Greece is and that those who go there always leave planning their next trip back (which, I must admit, I was, and I know that I was crying when I got onto that Alitalia plane to fly to Naples because I so wanted to remain in Greece, but realised that there was so much more of Europe to see. Anyway, my brother wanted to leave after a horde of riot police ran past us to make sure the protesters left the tourists alone).


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