Some non-book posts

While Booklikes is a very powerful blogging tool, I do have another blog where I write things that basically aren't book related. Anyway, I have written a couple of posts that some might find interesting:


I recently saw a production of Shakespeare's As You Like It. I have already written a review of the play itself, but decided that I would revisit it after seeing the live performance. While I do go over some ground from my original review, seeing it live gave me much more food for thought.


I also recently (okay, back in March) went and watch Pink Floyd The Wall, having not seen it for years. Anyway, I found that it was such a profound movie (despite the original cast and crew hating it) that I simply had to post my thoughts on the internet.


Finally I also watched the movie Noah, though that was months ago (which these days almost seems like a lifetime). Once again, I decided to write my thoughts down about the movie, especially since many of the movie sights simply do not let you write actually blog posts.